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Amber lee :)
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
It's been a while!
I'm Amber, seventeen going on adulthood.
Enjoy me, because I probably won't be back on until 2014.
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: People coughing because I type too loudly
  • Reading: The Fault in Our Stars (you will cry)
  • Eating: Food my boss made. It's pretty good.
  • Drinking: Nothing. I'm awaiting my non-poor friend to d
I thought my name on DA was amber-lee-smiley so I had a fit and deleted all the cookies because I'm a genius.

I'm in year twelve. I'm not sure if I told everyone that last time (October, really?) but I am and it sucks. It's bascially like 'oh hey you finally developed a social life, well it isn't like you need that just let me eat all that' while I sit back and pretend I don't care.
(fyi I do)

That friend I spoke about in my last entry?
Yeah, we cool.
It has a little something something to do with my next point, but we sort of both have this thing in common and weirdly enough it brought us together a little. I think.

3) That little thing would happen to be my boyfriend, and her best friend (yes I know. I'm not particularly good at not causing trouble.)
I know no one will really care as to how we got together, but god damn it's been one of those rollercoasters that you want to get off my the momentum is the only thing stopping you from throwing up on your good shoes because once it stops you will. ( Only me?)
Anyhow, his name is Tyler and I'm crazy about him. Not in the 'omg i am lyk so in love xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo always always always how dare you talk to dat girl grr' but in a very complex way that made me sit in my school art room for three weeks sobbing to a friend about how 'I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM FEELING IS THIS LOVE OH MY GOD IT IS SCARY FUCK FUCK FUCK'.
We've been going out since News Years and basically dating since my birthday last year.
Yes we avoided it for that long.

Pfffffffffffffffffft. Well, there's not much else going on in my life really. Got caught in between a nasty breakup between two best friends which left me sobbing to a tablecloth crying about 'only you understand my tears'.

Hopefully I'll get an internet connection to bore you all with eventually.
Until then, ciao.
-Amber Lee Tanner

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